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Mission Statement

Our mission at National Career College is to prepare students for entry-level positions in various professional careers in healthcare. NCC’s commitment to this mission is reflected in our focus on providing specialized programs designed to train adults to become gainfully employed upon graduation. 
Mission Statement of NCC
To meet the needs of our students and employers, we provide quality medical career education and training that is relevant to both the current and future needs of society. 
This is enhanced by individualizing instruction and limiting class size. National Career College strives to advance in-demand healthcare careers among the local communities by preparing our graduates as professionals who meet the quality, integrity, knowledge, and expectations of the workplace. 


In accomplishing our business mission, we are guided by the following basic objectives: 
• To help students achieve a superior level of basic skills. 
• To assist students in becoming qualified practitioners. 
• To provide job placement and maintain healthy relationships with students and employers. 
• To provide variable and accessible training opportunities that stays current with the most recent technologies. 
• To hire faculty members who are industry experts and demonstrate expertise in their respective fields both professionally and academically. 
• To integrate into the educational process a better understanding of cultural diversity. 
• To deliver educational support services that meet students’ life demands. 
• To develop within students a desire for life-long learning and education. 
• To provide a critical appraisal of the ever-changing medical and dental industries in order to ensure ongoing success, and provide a clear focus as well as necessary changes or adjustments to the industry’s dynamic changes.
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