Medical Assistant

Diploma Program Overview

Medical Assisting is a multi-skilled allied health profession whose practitioners work primarily in ambulatory settings such as medical offices and clinics. They function as members of the health care delivery team and perform a variety of administrative and clinical procedures. The Medical Assistant Program will help students obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to work in medical offices or outpatient clinics. 

Students will receive training and instructions in administrative and clinical office procedures, medical laboratory tests and procedures, human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, patient psychology, medical ethics, medical law and pharmacology. Successful completion of this program entitles graduates to sit for the Medical Assistant National Certification Exam through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) organization.

What Does A Medical Assistant Do?

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical Assistants complete administrative and clerical tasks in a variety of healthcare settings. Their duties vary according to the facility.  Healthcare Administrators may perform some or all of the following duties1

  • Record patient history and personal information
  • Measure vital signs, such as blood pressure
  • Help physicians with patient examinations
  • Give patients injections or medications as directed by physicians and as permitted by state law
  • Schedule patient appointments
  • Prepare blood samples for laboratory tests
  • Enter patient information into medical records

Becoming a medical assistant is a rewarding career with many diverse responsibilities. In our school, you will prepare for both administrative and clinical duties and responsibilities. The clinical aspect of the job provides ample opportunity to show compassion while assisting the physician with whatever is at hand. Through administrative tasks, medical assistants help protect the efficiency and productivity of the office.


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How Long Is Medical Assistant School?

National Career College’s Medical Assistant School is designed to be completed in 8 months. Classes are on campus with Morning, Afternoon, and Evening schedules available to prospective students.

What Will You Learn In Medical Assistant School?

Medical assistant classes are built for aspiring healthcare professionals. No experience in the medical field is needed to begin. National Career College’s team of industry experts assembles every year to create the most up-to-date training. Through our school, you could gain an understanding of patient psychology, front desk etiquette, HIPPA compliance, and so much more. NCC’s straightforward classes teach students various topics including:

  • Medical Assisting Roles and Responsibilities: course includes an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a medical assistant including legal and ethical issues, basic medical terminology, clinical aspects of medical assisting, and more.
  • Anatomy & Physiology/Clinical Procedures I: course includes introduction to clinical aspects of medical assisting including circulatory, respiratory and immune systems functions; drawing blood; use of EKG and other monitors; and, more.
  • Medical Office Administration: essential procedures for medical office management.
  • Anatomy & Physiology/Clinical Procedures II: course includes introduction to digestive, urinary, and nervous system functions; OSHA standards; introduction to clinical laboratory techniques; fundamentals of sample collection; and, more.
  • Medical Office Finances: course includes introduction to medical office finance procedures including fundamentals of billing, collecting and bookkeeping; Types of Insurance and insurance forms, ICD-10 coding, and CPT- coding; and, more.
  • Anatomy & Physiology/Clinical Procedures III: course includes introduction to reproductive, endocrine, integumentary, and musculoskeletal systems, and more.
  • Anatomy & Physiology/Pharmacology: basic theory and clinical information related to drugs, including classifications, source, dosages and measurements, regulatory requirements, and basic principles of drug administration.
  • Externship: In your clinical externship, you will be able to observe firsthand the inner workings of a medical facility. You will be offered guidance in basic tasks, with the opportunity to discuss, evaluate, ask questions, and learn.

To seal your training, NCC provides a clinical externship portion for students to practice all they learned in the classroom. This real-world experience in a medical setting gives students the opportunity to learn first-hand how to perform tasks under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

Upon graduation, students are eligible to sit for the:
Certified Medical Assistant, CMA (AAMA) examination –
National Certified Medical Assistant, NCMA (NCCT) examination –

Where Do Medical Assistants Work?

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook Medical Assistants typically work full time and may work days, nights, or weekends depending on the hours of the medical facility2. The top four employers of Healthcare Administrators are:

  • 57% – Physicians Offices
  • 15% – State Local and Private Hospitals
  • 10% – Outpatient Care Centers
  • 4% – Chiropractors Office

Medical assistants can be found working in all types of medical environments. Classes could prepare you to work in different settings of the healthcare industry. Through our school, you could broaden your skillset and receive the knowledge you need for this rewarding career.

What Is The Job Outlook For Medical Assistants?

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for Clinical Medical Assistants to grow 18 percent from 2020 to 20303.

More About Careers In Medical Assistant

For more information about a career as a Medical Assistant, please visit the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*NET website.

Standard Occupational Code (SOC):
31-9092.00 – Medical Assistants

Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP):
51.0801 – Medical/Clinical Assistant

Medical Assistant Training Near Me

If you live in or around the Panorama City area in California, National Career College offers Medical Assistant training at the following location:

National Career College Campus 14355 Roscoe Blvd, Panorama City, CA 91402

Program Specific Application Requirements

None. See National Career College’s admissions process here.